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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Hood:

How you've been?
I've been doing my thing. Just because I don't visit you as much doesn't mean I don't miss you. Sometimes you have to do what you have to grow, it doesn't mean I'm Booshie or forgot where I came from.Remember those times when we watched "cat's" have fights with their hands skills not their gun skills and the next day it was all good. Remember how we use to take penny candies from the store up the block, and You know I tried to turn rope (double dutch)even when I knew I was double handed. Oh yeah those dollar parties was popping too, and private stock and 40's where the quick stop wanna get drunk quick drink. How Life was so innocent but not at the same time.You've changed too, new people and the respecting for one another seem like -1 on the scale. Your young children misguided from young parents or just ignorance. I will always love you, and keep our memories with me forever. Every time I see you I smile inside. I carry a piece of you with me forever.
Yours Truely

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